Episode 7: Policies vs. Possibilities

Healthy Practice Podcast
Healthy Practice Podcast
Episode 7: Policies vs. Possibilities


Did you ever think your practice policy on cellphone use could be getting in the way of creating a great hospital culture? Join leadership consultant and Aspire founder Randy Hall as he explains one of the biggest challenges with clinic policies—they are usually built for the few staff members that aren’t at their best, and not for the ones who are trying to be their best. Learn why it’s essential to flip that thinking around. Focus on what your veterinary team is moving toward and not what they’re doing wrong.

Do your policies send the message “please don’t be your worst here,” instead of “we are at our best here”? If so, listen to this podcast episode and find out how to help your team members reach their potential. When people are focused on possibilities, there is less need for policies and more room for a thriving culture! For additional guidance, check out Aspire’s online courses and blog posts at www.aspirevet.com.

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