Episode 22: When Collaboration Gets Challenging

Episode 22: When Collaboration Gets Challenging

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What level of collaboration have you built in your practice? Creating a collaborative environment can be a challenge for many practice owners. Making the shift from maintaining control to welcoming team collaboration may be difficult, but it will yield numerous benefits for you, your team, and your practice.

In this episode, Aspire founder and leadership consultant Randy Hall discusses the topic of collaboration with Dr. Julie Reck, the owner and founder of Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill, SC.

Dr. Reck shares her experience transitioning to a more collaborative environment. When Dr. Reck first opened her practice, she relied on managing her staff primarily through compliance and control. As she grew as a leader, she made the decision to lead through influence rather than authority. Although this transition was uncomfortable and even difficult at times, Dr. Reck embraced, built, and now sustains a collaborative practice environment. In this episode, Dr. Reck offers tips and advice for successfully navigating this shift, as well as the benefits collaboration has made in her practice.

If you’re ready to create a collaborative vision for your practice, check out the Aspire course Developing a Vision to Create the Practice You Want. 

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