Episode 17: The Sun, the Planets and 3 Reasons Why They Matter for Your Veterinary Practice

Healthy Practice Podcast
Healthy Practice Podcast
Episode 17: The Sun, the Planets and 3 Reasons Why They Matter for Your Veterinary Practice


If you grew up 500 years ago, every person would tell you that the sun revolved around the Earth. That was the common belief. It didn’t mean it was right and it didn’t mean it was the most fitting belief for you. Today, the same thing happens when it comes to how you should lead your practice. Many people, experts and key opinion leaders alike, will tell you how it must be done. Some of them may be right. But remember: you always get to stand back, assess, and decide what you choose to do. Principles define the center of a practice universe. What do you want to revolve around…besides the sun? Join leadership consultant and Aspire CEO Randy Hall as he explains the critical importance of choosing guiding principles that you think are best and then developing the habits that help you execute them in your practice.

In this episode, understand the reasons why you have to pick your beliefs with purpose and why you can’t just let them evolve. They are not correct simply because they have evolved over time based on the influence of others. Beliefs and principles are correct because you study them, explore the possibilities, and then make choices that are best for you as a leader. Listen in and get ready to choose how you want to operate as a practice and define what principles your practice revolves around. Who knows, you may also choose to believe that the moon is made of cheese. And that’s perfectly okay. For more tools and resources on practice leadership, check out the Aspire course Managing Your Practice, Leading Your Team. 

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