Episode 15: Leading Change in Your Practice – Forward Booking

Healthy Practice Podcast
Healthy Practice Podcast
Episode 15: Leading Change in Your Practice - Forward Booking


People resist change, right? Here’s the reality. The answer truly depends on how you approach it. People resist change done to them, not change done with them. If you want to implement any change in your practice, leadership consultant and Aspire CEO Randy Hall will guide you through a process that actually works. Learn proven steps to make team behavior changes stick for good.

In this episode, understand how to get team buy-in for forward booking and also see how this approach is universal for any behavior change you want to achieve! Spoiler alert: one of the key takeaways of this approach is to ask your team specific “why” questions. If your veterinary staff does not know why they should change their behavior, then you will likely have a 0% chance of helping them make the change. You can force, threaten, and demand, but it will become your full time job and it still will not work. Instead, listen in and learn how to install forward booking or any new initiative in your practice. Use the core understanding of human behavior change to build a plan that prepares your team for success, not a set of instructions and expectations that sets them up for failure.

For more resources on practice leadership, check out Aspire’s online courses.

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