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Great Leaders Have Great Habits

Some of the best leaders I have met during the course of my work are brilliant people…most aren’t. Some of them possess an almost supernatural ability to connect or inspire…most don’t. What often sets them apart from the leaders who…
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Are You Limiting Growth?

I worked with a practice manager once who would make her mind up and then spend lots of time and other people’s effort finding and creating data that would support her decision. She highlighted virtually any piece of information that…
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Is Your Practice Ready To Be Better?

Will your practice be different this year than it was last year? Different this quarter than it was last quarter? People focus on the pace of change, but often the problem is actually driving change that lasts. If you want…
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Future Thinking Can Change the Game

There is a scenario that happens fairly often in my work with veterinary practice owners and managers. I ask them to tell me about the past, where their practice has been, what has happened recently, and what their current challenges…
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Creating a Culture of Accountability

When I hear someone use the phrase “hold someone accountable”, they usually mean punishing someone for not doing their job well. They are using the term “accountable” to represent the consequences for what they failed to do, or what they…
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Culture is Local

I was speaking to a group of practice owners and managers recently and one of the questions that I received following my presentation was “How do I create the culture that will drive success in my local practice when the…
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