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busted hole in wall

Don’t Wait for a Breakthrough, Create One

Success doesn’t happen in a straight line. Neither does growth, achievement, progress, wealth, happiness, or any other of the things people often work their entire lives for. Instead, these things often come with a series of forward steps along with…
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Female veterinarian talking to her team

3 Questions to Ask Yourself as a Leader

It’s been said before that leadership is not about having the right answers; it’s about asking the right questions. Many people hear that and picture leaders thoughtfully posing deep, introspective questions of their followers, asking questions that cause them to…
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match being lit

Are You Ready to Lead?

I use quotes sometimes when I conduct workshops, give keynote presentations, and even when I’m coaching veterinary practice managers or owners one-on-one. They are often a great way to create a change in perspective very quickly. They allow us to,…
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